Google Play Games May Get Dedicated Folder on Home Screen to Neatly Organise All Your Phone Games

Google Play Games folder (Image: XDA Developers)

Google Play Games folder (Image: XDA Developers)

The development was spotted during the APK teardown of the Google Play app v2021.01.24213. The teardown suggests that the Google Play Games folder will neatly organise all titles available on the smartphone.

  • Last Updated: January 29, 2021, 16:18 IST

Google is testing a new feature with the Google Play Games app that will let users access all installed games from the home screen via one neat folder. Although Android users can create their own folders according to their preferences, the new Google Play Games folder has an extra benefit that some users may find more useful, especially if you have a lot of games installed on your smartphone. What the new feature essentially does is it automatically adds all games into one neat list that can be further sorted based on ‘alphabet,’ ‘recently played,’ and ‘recently updated.’

The development was shared by XDA Developers which spotted the update during the APK teardown of the Google Play app v2021.01.24213. The teardown reportedly highlights a string of codes that suggests the app will automatically populate this folder with all the games installed on your device, giving you easy access to the games in one convenient location. The icon of the new folder was also spotted during the app teardown that features a green colour circle with a white colour folder inside and Google Play Game logo on top. As mentioned, users can sort the list based on preferences such as ‘alphabet,’ ‘recently played,’ and ‘recently updated.’ However, the opened-folder does not occupy the entire screen, and the full name of the title is also visible.

As pointed by in the report, the new feature on the Google Play Games is simply a matter of convenience as users do not need to create a game-specific folder manually. As of now, Google hasn’t released any official information about the new Play Games folder. But since code related to the folder has already made it to the Google Play Games app, its rollout is expected soon. However, the report cautions saying that APK teardowns often predict features that may arrive in a future update of an application. It is equally possible that the company is just testing new upgrades that may not release in future versions.

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